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If you are contemplating a visit to see Ms. Von, take it from me and run, do not walk to see her. I have sessioned with Ms. Von a number of times and have found her to be an absolute delight. Let’s start with the simple things.  She is gorgeous beyond words, and always comes impeccably dressed for a session. Her head game is perfection. She will have you under her spell immediately. Dommes come in two flavors, those who abuse and those who truly care and heal their slaves. Ms. Von falls into the latter camp and she wields her power with care, skill, compassion, and humor. That’s not say she can’t be strict, or can’t give a proper caning when needed. The difference is all in the delivery and Ms. Von delivers from a beautiful and loving place.  And for me, that is exactly what I look for. I give her my highest possible recommendation.


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