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Goddess Musings

Everyones sensuality is a form of sacred art but so few view it as such. Every kinky corner of our minds holds such delicious details we should draw energy from their raw power. My power, my prowess comes from this... enjoy a little journal entry from yours truly.

I am fire. Fierce. Untamed and unable to be contained. But HE is the exception. I have met him. Man-fire, I imagine him as my masculine reflection. My match and me to thee, but fire can't bind with fire or so it seems... The paradox... In terra I reside beside man-earth who makes life from my ashes. My blaze, muted regrettably. A landscape of predictability and plateaus. The love beats softly and steadily... Juxtaposed against thee, my man-fire consumes and embraces. Insatiably drawn to the spark that ignites the chase. The "I can never forget you" smile on your face. Corner me and tower over me with your unabashed masculinity. Take with force what I keep guarded but I submit when you do so, so gentlemanly. The intoxicating scent of us- your fingers and manhood inside my rush- then release. With my wetness flows my favorite high. Your mind and sex with our bodies- they live by the light, the wolf and his moon, the warmth of fire and beastly things that come out at night. Undeniable, unspeakable chemistry. I saw you look back when you were walking away, and I heard what your mouth did not speak, but your eyes did say. My heart beating wildly- my chest may burst. Mind body and soul seek your signature titillation. Drink my essence, sheets soaked, so ravished my flower's soft flesh burns. Brand me, engulf my naked soul. Your touch. Your taste. Your being, is my fixation. Hand around my neck, sweet kisses as you strangle- Cum drenched we're enmeshed in this heaven-head-space. I fade away, then come to again, the giggle when his deadly is our playful. Guttural moans, man-fire so deep he penetrates my everything. Scorching night until day breaks. All of my dark corners seen, I am the life and softness, refuge for his vulnerabilities. My protector is my king, I feel his breathe on my cheek, lips locked I taste myself on his tongue. Sensuality and savagery. Mark me, flaming beast, for all to see... own my mind and heart with no intentions of liberating. Locked in my fantasy, cruel fate have it not for eternity, materialize and take the primitive beauty in me. I am not meant to be yoked to earth. Free me from mundane, land-locked captivity.

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