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Holding Space

Now more than ever I realize what a delicious and priceless gift it is for someone to hold erotic space for another person. The satisfaction in being a Domme is simultaneously the work. Having a curious and nonjudgemental attitude about what lights your fire, along with asking probing questions about your kink's genesis, help me tap into the vein of your eroticism. Using my artistic, slightly sadistic and nurturing creativity to craft a scene you have only dreamed of, is pure joy for us both. The art becomes apparent in the attention to detail, my laser-focus surveying the landscape of your body for signs of titillation, bringing you from the lowest lows to the highest highs. Gracefully playing with boundaries- teetering on the threshold so as to allow you to experience the ecstasy of a full, uninhibited fantasy-come-true moment. A peak experience where you feel most alive and self-actualized.

Adult playtime is an essential part of enjoying all the fruits life has to offer. To be the orchestrater of such sublime moments is a responsibility as well as a delicious and erotic power exchange. I think entering scenes with this mindset allows for the most creative potential and therefore enjoyment, for both Domme and sub. Being a Domme is not only to hold the power but to be an artist specializing in curating and holding space.

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